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You’ve been told that meditating is great, but you can’t seem to find yourself able to sit still in silence for more than 30 seconds without remembering something that you MUST do.

Or you can meditate, but you’re still getting easily affected and frustrated by what happens around you.

Here’s a little ingredient missing on your "psycho-smoothie": gratitude.

That thing that when you’re a kid you’re told to have when someone gives you a present, so as you grow older you start to forget about. Especially when the presents start to become fewer and fewer and you’re left with only your life to be grateful for.

But if you’re looking to change things a bit, and create a better life for yourself. One that you think you can actually be grateful for, have a look at this and try something out.

There are 3 suggestions here.

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#1 The 5-Minute Journal

I’m not sponsored by them but I wish I was. This little book is made to change your life, and I believe it can do just that.

Spending only 5 minutes a day working on your gratitude can bring big shifts in the perception of your days.

#2 The Gratitude Jar

First time I heard about this was from Elizabeth Gilbert. It’s a simple idea, you have a jar and every night you write on a piece of paper what was great about your day, and you keep it in the jar.

Can you imagine how fun it would be to open that jar and go through all those papers and read all those good things?

#3 Three Good Things

Picking three good things about your day, no matter how small or big, everyday before sleep.

Check out the video of a Facebook live streaming I did, for more on this.

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About the author

Ana Batista is a psychologist focused on making change easy. Besides therapy, she teaches online courses and workshops on positive psychology, brain science, and self-authoring. 


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