Feeling like life is running too fast?

slow down and achieve more With The ANXIETY-FREE FUTURE Online Program

Rewire Your Nervous System and Restore Your Life
in 3-Weeks

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This program will help you to reduce anxiety and free yourself from worry to create a life that feels more joyful and fulfilling. It's the perfect solution for you if you're looking for an effective, science-based way to improve your quality of life by providing you with anxiety relief and peace of mind.

This 3-week program is designed to give you an understanding of the root causes of anxiety and the tools to handle this condition by working with three different angles:

Your brain and nervous system

Knowing how your brain gets activated and what you can do to restore its balance and maintain its health is essential to handle anxiety at a physiological level

uncertainty's psychological load

Living with uncertainty can put a lot of pressure on you and make you feel overwhelmed. Knowing how to handle this pressure will bring you a lot of psychological relief

your identity's role on anxiety

Working through your identity will give you with a long-lasting ability to cope with life's stressors. This will empower you to handle anxiety from a personality perspective

"Life is not fun with anxiety and worry"

I know how it feels

  • Life is difficult to enjoy. You never feel like you're fully present because your mind is running all over the place. The worry you carry is with you feels like a shadow that darkens all your moments.
  • You feel restless and have a hard time relaxing. You're running at a high rotation, and even when you'd like to relax, you can't. You're constantly thinking and searching for the next best thing to do.
  • You're easily fatigued and have trouble sleeping at night. Seems like a contradiction and surely feels frustrating, that when you have the opportunity to restore your body, your mind doesn't let you fall asleep.
  • It's difficult for you to concentrate. Making work and life feel harder than they need to be. What could be done otherwise easily feels now like a struggle.
  • You feel isolated. Because people around you seem to be doing fine, and you're afraid to admit your struggles. This makes you feel weak and afraid to be discovered and embarrassed.
  • Your body's reacting with muscle tension, aches or pain. It's not uncommon for you to experience headaches, neck or back pain, stiffness, and general discomfort. It's not just your mind that's in pain, but your body too. 

How would your life be if you could become

free from all this suffering?

This is the Anxiety-Free Future's promise:

Rewire and restore your nervous system

Experience long-lasting effects by rehabilitating your brain on a deep level. Learn to apply different techniques to keep your brain balanced every day. 

Transform your life experience

When you rethink yourself, you can live differently. You will gain more quality of life and overall wellbeing, free from exhaustion and open to new paths.

Free your mind from worry

Learn to identify your triggers and how to handle them. Stop obsessing and bring some clarity and peace to your mind. Become more present and effective in your life, at work and home.

what this program is not

A "sit and learn" course

You don't want to be taking an online course that will make you sit for hours, consuming information without any practical life advice.


This program is filled with many different exercises to help you take purposeful action and approach practical life situations differently.

Unresearched "mumbo jumbo"

Many programs out there are put together by unqualified professionals who present you with a bunch of unresearched theories.


This program was designed with solid scientific foundations to bring you anxiety relief, with a 100% risk-free guarantee.

Easily faded results

It's common to experience good results briefly after a therapeutic experience, only to see life get back to its usual form shortly after. 


This program is focused on giving you the knowledge and tools to provide you with long-lasting results, not just a quick-fix.

Have A Sneak Peak Into

What’s Inside

The three weeks are divided into three modules + recommended daily practices. 


Module 1: Anxiety-rescue for your brain

  • In this module, you'll get to learn about your nervous system. How it gets overly activated, and what you can do to prevent this and maintain your brain in balance.
  • You'll be introduced to the practices that we recommend throughout the three weeks and how they impact your nervous system.
  • This module sets the foundation for your anxiety reduction, providing you with anxiety relief from day one.

4 lessons

40m video + practice time


Module 2: Worry no more

  • Excessive worry is a psychological trait of anxiety, and in this module, you'll learn how to handle it in healthy ways.
  • You'll learn different techniques to handle overthinking and obsessive thoughts. You'll also learn how to identify your triggers so you can manage them more easily.
  • This module provides preventive tools to handle your thinking patterns to prevent yourself from entering into anxious cycles.

4 lessons

30m video + practice time


Module 3: Your anxiety-free identity

  • There's a high risk that you have already adjusted your identity to living with anxiety. That's why, if you want to create long-lasting results, it's essential also to do some work at the identity level.
  • We want to make these practices stick. Therefore you'll learn how to make them part of your daily life by creating some degree of identity shifting.
  • Like the previous modules, this is also a hands-on module with many exercises to help you create the change you're looking for.

3 lessons

20m video + practice time

Here are some of the program's


  • The decision-tree method to help you make better decisions
  • The key to unlocking your nervous system and provide you with long-lasting relief
  • The worry-analysis spreadsheet to help you identify positive from negative worry
  • The false identity detector to help you distinguish between your anxiety-distorted identity and your authentic self
  • The thought challenger to help you reframe your unhelpful thinking patterns
  • My top secrets to help you fall asleep

Anxiety disorders are highly treatable, yet only 36.9% of those suffering receive treatment. 

Anxiety and Depression Association of America - ADAA.org

Get the Program on Pre-Launch for $47 instead of $97

About The Program Instructor, 

Ana Batista

Ana is a licensed clinical and counselling psychologist, specialised in cognitive neuroscience and different forms of cognitive behavioural therapy. She is also a certified yoga teacher and has helped hundreds of people through therapy, coaching, and yoga and mindfulness classes.
Having suffered from mental illness herself, she has a warm and relatable way of working that makes the journey easy to follow and the changes smooth to apply, yet creating visible long-lasting results. 

The Anxiety-Free Future Program
Is An Affordable Solution

Much of what is included in the program are techniques and exercises often used in therapy sessions. And, these days, therapy costs around $150 to $200 per session.

Very quickly, in just a few therapy sessions, you can see yourself spend $1000 to $2000. And it's often when you think of these number's that you decide that therapy isn't for you, and you deny yourself the help you need.

I created this program with the purpose to make help more accessible to everyone.

For only $47, during the pre-launch stage, you will have access to valuable tools and practices offered by a mental health professional, designed to reduce anxiety and improve your life.

While there's a big difference between having a therapist dedicated to helping you with your specific issues, this program will provide you with the guidance to develop valuable insights and skills that will undoubtedly support you in handling your condition successfully.

Here's what You Will Get

When you purchase the Anxiety-Free Future, you will get immediate access to:

  • All content, including all video lessons, guided meditations, breathing and relaxation exercises, and the downloadable workbook with all the exercises and spreadsheets you'll need.
  • Direct access to the program's instructor for program-related questions or comments.
  • Access forever on all platforms (desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile). 

Get the Program on Pre-Launch for $47 instead of $97

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

If you buy the program and you feel like it's not right for you, I'll be happy to give you 100% of your money back, no questions asked. 

You'll have seven days to explore the content and make your decision if you want to keep the program or not.

Therefore, when you decide to purchase it, you can be assured that your decision is 100% risk-free, or in other words, anxiety-free. :) 

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to have three weeks to dedicate to the program?

No. The program is designed to give you the best results if you dedicate about 1 hour per day for three weeks to it. However, you can go through the program and practices at your own pace and still experience good results.

Is there a place where I can ask questions?

Yes. You can ask questions about every video lesson or practice. I will personally answer every question. And every participant will also have the opportunity to read and answer questions.

What kind of anxiety will this program be most helpful for?

This program is most effective for low to mild anxiety levels in all forms of anxiety (generalised, social, phobia, etc.). If you're experiencing a severe anxiety condition that causes you a significant impairment in your life's functioning, I would recommend seeking a more specialised professional help to give you more dedicated and individualised support. 

What if I don't like the content of the program, or it doesn't help me?

If you feel like you don't like the content and it won't help you, you can send us an email within the first seven days of purchase and receive a 100% refund. No questions asked.

Is this a cure for anxiety?

People argue whether or not anxiety is a condition that can be cured. While the general belief is that anxiety can't be cured, it is possible to reduce its symptoms and live an anxiety-free life when you learn how to handle your condition effectively. In this way, this program promises to give you the tools to experience a significant symptom reduction and improvement of your coping skills.