New mindset

new life.

When you see the glass half full, or half empty, does that affect your life in any way? Most definitely. 

Understanding how your mindset influences your thoughts, behaviours, decisions, and the course of your life, gives you the power of the choice. 

Which world do you want to live in?  

Mindset Advice for Life-Creatives

I write about mindset from a perspective of positive psychology, cognitive neuroscience, and the personal experiences I've had as a person and a psychologist. 

I strongly believe that the kind of mindset you hold against the experiences in our life, and ourselves, influences the kind of life you live. 

When you believe in yourself, and you have an optimistic outlook on your life experiences, you'll be surfing through life in a way that is open to opportunities and self-development, as opposed to being crushed by life's misventures.  

Remember that sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck.

The Dalai Lama 

How different kinds of mindset influence your life

You may think that having a healthy mindset is about wearing a pink pair or glasses, but it's much more than that. A healthy mindset is about having the ability to look at things from a different perspective, so you can tell yourself a story that helps you to navigate life's struggles in a smooth and prosperous way. 

After all, we all have a deep desire to life the best possible life, and we have the power to creatively choose how we want to build our lives every day. So the mindset with which we approach situations, problems, people, and even ourselves will create the different colours and different the shades on our life's canvas.  

mindset for dealing with negative emotions

We all experience them. Whether sadness or self-doubt, uncertainty or overwhelm, our emotions aren't always a smooth sea to navigate.


Knowing how to approach different negative emotions with a powerful mindset can be the difference between a happy life or one of sorrow. 

maintaining a healthy mindset

How many times does life put you through the test and make you feel like you're "losing your mind"?

When you have a healthy mindset, you feel like you have a safe harbor to return to when the sea becomes stormy.


Because life isn't always a field of wild flowers, but with a strong mindset you can face challenges with a perspective that help you to feel grounded, optimistic, and ready for anything

Research: There is quite a lot of neurocognitive research on the field of mindset in regard to failure. And evidence of how having a growth mindset vs a fixed mindset can be highly influential on motivation and achievement. 

mindset for personal growth

Cultivating a strong mindset isn't just about overcoming obstacles in life. It's also about experiencing continuous development and living the best of our abilities. Personal growth isn't a one-time job, it's an every day choice. And to make that choice, your mindset is a fundamental tool.  

Money mindset

Because money is energy, and energy needs to be handled mindfully. Your mindset around around money is just as important as your mindset around life. 

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