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If you don’t feel embarrassed about wanting to spend more time with your family, wishing to gift your friends or help that charity you’re so passionate about, then why would you feel ashamed about wanting more money?

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Money is the energy that allows you to experience those and many other experiences that you’d like to go through in life

Jen’s book will help to reshape your mindset into loving money - because yes, it’s ok to love money (I’ve been well brainwashed, and thank God.. I mean Jen, for that). And it will make you laugh while doing so. Because it’s full of scenes that you will resonate with if you have a family which you did not choose, wish to do meaningful work (like starting a business but having no clue about it), or just dream of one day having hot stone massages while counting your money.

She also suggests exercises, at the end of each chapter, which is perfect for you to start doing some real transformational work on that stiff mind of yours. Because we could all use a good mind-stretch when it comes to money mindset, don’t we?

Not to spoil too much of the fun for you, here are some points you’ll be reading and working through with You Are A Badass At Making Money:

You don’t need to be poor to be humble

We’ve been raised to be modest and secretive about money, as if it’s some dirty thing, when in fact it’s an essential part of the fulfillment of our precious lives. There’s a lot to work on to reinvent our perception of money, make peace, and establish a healthy and welcoming relationship with it. And it all starts with how we think and talk about it, and how that leads us to act on it.

The Universe is your friend

Universal Intelligence. If you’re a hardcore science person, you might have a little trouble with this chapter. But if you decide for a moment to be open (the kind of openness that you’ll need to start making money), then you might enjoy wandering about the possibilities of this vast, mighty Universe, and the part where you’re entitled to have some of its riches too. In summary, believing that things are working in your favor will always be more advantageous than believing that all is hard and unachievable. So if you believe the Universe is working for you, and not against you, you’ll probably start seeing some evidence of it. If the Universe creates a tree from a seed and works to see that tree strive into blooming and fruit, why would the Universe not want to help you too?

"I want to point out here that when I say that the Universe starts moving everything you need in your direction, this goes for ideas as well as opportunities, people, and things. When you make a decision and alert Universal Intelligence to bring it on, you have to pay close attention to any thoughts and big ideas that come into your head. You must catch yourself before your old conditioning can fling itself in your path and try to block the new you."

If life was a big restaurant, wouldn't you order exactly what you’d like to eat?

Being specific is very important. And this is a message that we see over and over again coming from successful people advising those who are just starting. Being specific on what we desire, what is that we’d be doing with the money, the why behind our actions, and our particular direction is what makes the journey possible and the opportunities are more easily seen (aka the help from the universe being recognized and taken). Have you ever sit down to write the exact amount you’d like to make, in how much time, and for what purpose? Me neither, until I read this book.

Lack no more

Declutter all lack from your life. That means any thoughts of lack, much less any words of lack, but also any energy of lack from within yourself or from others. If you hang around people who like to complain about money, find new friends. Or create a mental shield that replies “nop, that’s not me, I’m on my way to the riches I deserve” (but you actually have to believe you deserve it, and being a good person helps with that too). Or if you see yourself wearing a 10-years-old 5$ t-shirt, with holes under the arms (like I found myself doing), for your-soon-to-be-rich-you sake, throw it out.

"Here’s an important concept to understand: Money always comes to you through other people, but it comes from Universal Intelligence, as do all things. Which is why focusing on the frequency of your thoughts, not the people you hope to make money from, is the key to getting rich."

Reinvent yourself and have fun doing it

Be creative, be determined, be brave. Again, that story about going out of your comfort zone. It’s so true. Old ways won’t open new doors. If you spend more time thinking about how you’ll be getting the money you want instead of spending it complaining about not having it or finding ways to save it because you’re anticipating that one day you might run out it, you’ll be surprised at how many ideas will eventually come to your mind. If only you give them some space (and again in this book she mentions meditation as a fundamental practice for anyone who wishes to make progress in life).

When you truly decide that you’re going to be making that money, be brave on making it happen. Just as brave as you’d be in a life-or-death situation. Because it really is your life which is at risk. You’ll either live the life you dream of, or you’ll live a life of deep-seated resentment and frustration.

Drinking from a glass half full

Good old gratitude, that friend that changes everything. That helps to see the bright side of everything and keeps the spirits high. That magic mind trick that miraculously makes every bump on the road feel like fun and creates meaning all around for us to learn from. Like you started wearing pink glasses, minus the Xanax side effects.

"Being around confident people, wealth-positive people whom you respect gives you permission to believe there is abundance available to you too. No matter how impossible a situation may seem, a super confident person who believes in something without a doubt is a force of nature that can inspire you to reach great heights."

Exercise suggestions

The book is also full of suggestions for you to try out and positively "brainwash" yourself into becoming a money maker. Here are just some of them:

  • Meditate for at least 5 minutes every day. Before sitting down, ask the question, “What belief is blocking me from making money?” Write down any insights you get, question them, come up with a new story and repeat it to yourself;
  • Write a letter to money. Notice the key, most emotional limiting beliefs that come up for you and to the rewrite drill for them too;
  • List five reasons you have faith in yourself;
  • List five reasons you have faith in the Universe.
  • For all the exercises (and the proper brainwash), go ahead and get the book.

    If you don't feel like buying the book now, but would still like to explore some more about the subject of money mindset, then check out the workbook I created for you inside the toolbox.

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