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It’s really important that we give our brains, our minds and our bodies a break from the constant rush and to just simply relax. The energy you’ll gain will be a lot more creative and efficient to keep managing your life and maybe raising your business to where you want it to be.

You don’t need to have some idyllic holidays, though that may absolutely help. All you need is to RELAX YOUR BRAIN.

For me, I use regular meditation and mindfulness to help me keep the mind decluttered and the brain at ease through the busyness of my days. 

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But when it comes to my favourite weekend joys, and since I’m not much of party girl, I love to:

  • Read in the bathtub until the toes get all wrinkled
  • Spend some time awake in bed morning and listen to a soft morning song or two
  • Cuddle with the furry ones (not just in the weekends)
  • Make some especially yummy nutritious home cooking to make by body happy
  • Take a long, relaxed walk
  • Spend some time in a creative mode, most likely with my camera taking pictures, making videos, or writing
  • Do some yoga on my own
  • Go a little bit looser on the chocolate
  • Light up those special candles…
     +…And who knows, if I have company for it, maybe a glass of wine (but only with good company, otherwise all I get is usually a headache no matter how good the wine is! I need to speak my wine out! haha)

  • If you'd like some inspiration for a relaxing time check out the different guided meditations I prepared for you. Enjoy!

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    About the author

    Ana Batista is a psychologist focused on making change easy. Besides therapy, she teaches online courses and workshops on positive psychology, brain science, and self-authoring. 


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