Rewrite Your Life and Start Living

Hi life's co-creator! I'm Ana, licensed clinical and counselling psychologist. 
I'll help you navigate your life's transitions so you can rise to become who you want to be. 
Let's start writing your new story.

1-on-1 therapy 

here's my approach to therapy

Science-based strategies

Understanding how our brain works and how it connects with the expression of the mind and consequent behaviours, is an important part in the process of change. Awareness, and a deeper understanding of your mind-body system, give you the key to a healthier relationship with yourself and the circumstances of your life.

Mindfulness practices

Self-care for the mind is essential when dealing with life's turbulences. When you're pealing the potatoes, are you really pealing the potatoes or are you in your own distanced mind-world? When you're living your everyday life - your life - where are you? Are you really there, or are you elsewhere? 

Forward focus

To not lose sight of what truly matters. We focus on the vision we want to create and leave the rest as only a tool to leverage change. Understanding the root-cause of a problem prepares the soil for change, but ultimately we keep the focus forward, on planting healthy seeds.

"Am I enough?" ... "If only I could"

We all tell ourselves a story about our life

The way we talk to ourselves guides our behaviours.
When we change the stories we tell over and over again, we change our life.

Prefer to work at your own pace?

rewrite your life course

might be for you!

The Rewrite Your Life course is designed to help you recognise and transform your life's story and give you the clarity and peace of mind to make real changes possible.
Created and led by licensed psychologist Ana Batista, it uses positive psychology, cognitive neuroscience, cognitive-behavioural, and narrative therapy, in a semi self-taught structure to help you navigate your transformation in a smooth and supported way.
We'll focus on motivation, identity, purpose, and productivity and learn an effective way to approach change in life, for life. Both to create it or to embrace it.

About Me.

Hi, I'm Ana. I'm a licensed clinical and counselling psychologist, specialist in cognitive neuroscience, and narrative and cognitive-behavioural therapies.
I created the New Inner Stories to help you find a new way of living that feels more aligned with who you desire to be. Who you truly are.
You can work with me on 1-to-1 therapy or take my upcoming online course.
In my signature course, Re-write Your Life, I share my best lessons on motivation, identity, purpose and self-confidence, to help you shift your mindset permanently and see your life change for good.

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