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There are bad days, and really bad days.

We all had times in our life where we thought there was no solution for our problems and that life was too tough to live.
Some get out of this state more easily than others, but surely no one wants to live in that state of desperation.

In this talk we learn about the power of taking day by day, and keeping an open mind for the possibilities within our reach. Or even better, the possibilities that seem beyond are reach but are in fact at hand. 

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Keeping the dream alive

Janine is an example of how dreams command our life, and help us overcome any kind of adversity.

In this video, she talks about how we are not our bodies, but the light that shines within. And how living purposefully with our dreams can completely reshape our reality. After all, this the most creative and inspiring project we can ever have: our life.

I cannot agree more with her when it comes to seeing life as a moving project. And one that we're entirely in charge of leading. Even if we can to manage set backs and strikes of luck, as unexpected as life is.

But life is not only unexpected as it is wonderful too. And full of possibilities, and magic, for those who seek it.

If you're going through some tough times yourself, or know someone who is, or you just like to be awed by amazing story, I strongly recommend you to watch this talk on how to overcome adversity.

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About the author

Ana Batista is a psychologist focused on making change easy. Besides therapy, she teaches online courses and workshops on positive psychology, brain science, and self-authoring. 


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